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Heli G-Series 1.5 - 6 ton Electric Towing Tractors

Our diesel and electric tow tractors enable you to efficiently move heavyweight loads both indoor and outdoor. The technology provides you with stability and control from inception. On top of this, the electric tow tractors provide zero emissions and low noise.

Both units provide you with high quality capabilities. Moreover, they are both designed in order to manoeuvre through tight spaces which means transportation through warehouses is improved. The diesel and electric tow tractors are low maintenance options as they require very little repairs.

Where repairs are needed the parts are easy to be found and installed. The powerful engines offer you that streamlined finish you have been looking for. Browse through our selection of tow tractors today and find the system which works for you.

No matter the job, we guarantee that your space will be able to utilise the system effectively. They are compact and will transport your goods in order to be distributed quicker. This only develops a stronger sense of productivity in your company.

As such, optimal performance is only a few clicks away.

Contact us today for more information on our products and services. We are proud to be able to supply you with the top standard systems and machinery in the country. Our goal is to ensure your space is working in an optimal manner.

You will have the ability to tackle any and all logistical challenges which come your way. With spring loaded wheels and high traction safety will be boosted instantly. This ensures workers can get their job done with their new diesel and electric tow tractors.

Both tow tractors are more sustainable than other similar products. They lower energy consumption and diesel consumption which means you won’t have to spend as much to get the job done.

Both options are also highly affordable and parts are not as expensive as other tow tractor parts. Heli is a company that always looks to the future and as such they provide constant innovation in technology.

Improve your directional stability today with our range of diesel and electric tow tractors. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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