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Side Loader

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Our Side Loader Forklifts provide quality assurance with the ability to eliminate issues pertaining to space constraints. As such, the units have become extremely popular within these applications. Conventional forklifts struggle in these areas and the alternative was designed.

The equipment found immediate success in a number of different industries.

Heli produces three main side loaders. We supply all three units which include the 3 Ton, 5 Ton and 6 Ton options.

The machines are used for the lifting, transportation and unloading long and often heavy loads. Moreover, the awkward loads that are found in narrow warehouse aisles can be easily moved around.

Find your side loader forklift today and being your journey to far more efficiency. We guarantee an enhancement of your overall productive standard. On top of this, productivity in general will improve as loading and unloading times will be decreased.

As the side load stands sideways in the lift’s cabin it ensures that the driver has a 360 degree view at all times. This improves the safety of all surrounding the unit as it means that the driver can spot potential danger and prevent it from occurring.

The forks themselves are also located on the side of the mechanism rather than the traditional frontside position.

Another great benefit of the side loader forklift is that it can handle long loads for long periods. This means that even the most complicated tasks can be managed effectively with a decrease in downtime. It also means that wastage or damage can be limited even more than usual.

The unit is perfect for situations where lifting and transportation of loads require a system which can carry heavy weight. Therefore, they have become known to be most ideal for the movement of long and heavy loads such as tubing, lumber, furniture, laminates, bar stock and rolls of carpet, to name a few.


The side loader forklift can move alongside any storage racks and trucks. This makes the loading and unloading process far more streamlined. Narrow doorways and aisles will no longer be an issue.

Finally, the stabilisation of the machine is guaranteed with the adoption of the flat cargo bed which is located on the side.

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