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Heli G2 series 1.6 2t Reach Truck

The AC Electric Reach Truck is an option for an improved operation and stacking in a warehouse. The Heli range ensures that the entire process is far more streamlined and made simple.

We have two models which are available for purchase. Find the model which is perfect for your space. Furthermore, we guarantee that the models will ensure that the model you choose works within your budget. Moreover, lifting heights, capacity and aisle widths are taken into consideration.

AC Electric Reach Trucks will provide you with machinery that can be used in a variety of ways. If you require both unloading or loading trailers the machine will work perfectly. On top of this, dockside manoeuvring and stocking issues will be overcome.

Application Of AC Electric Reach Trucks

The design of both models allows you to work in narrow aisles. The tilt feature both frontwards and backwards means that your employees can use the mechanism with safer load handling.

Heli supplies the unit with the battery being able to be removed form the side. This capability means that replacing of batteries is convenient. Maintenance of batteries also becomes simpler.

The braking system has also been enhanced. The handle provides you with an upright and horizontal position form of braking. Furthermore, there is pressure relief built into the technology. This protects the AC Electric Reach Truck from any form of overloads.

This improves the reliability of the device.

In terms of safety the machine has an emergency reversing device in the handle. This is both convenient and decreases risk.

Finally, the device has full functionality in terms of its control handle. Not only will your safety improve but also your overall productivity levels.

The popular equipment has seen an influx of sales in the material handling industry for this reason. Enhance the efficiency of your business today. Improve production levels in your company and don’t settle for second best.

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