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Efficiency. Productivity. Reliability.

Johnson Taylor Forklifts

Our product categories include forklifts of only the highest calibre, designed to enhance your productivity. There are a whole host of benefits that come with the purchase or rent of forklifts.

They will allow you to get more work done, in a shorter period, with an increase in your production safety.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get the right forklift in your possession, we are the company for you. We supply only the best in production, with a focus on efficiency.

Our experts have sourced the best forklifts on the market.

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Take a look at our product categories and find the right forklifts for your needs. We have both indoor and outdoor vehicles which are better for different uses.

If you decide to purchase a forklift, you will receive high-quality output. Alternatively, you can rent forklifts, with the ability to have in your possession a fleet of rental forklifts.

With both long term and short term options for rental, you can use the machinery and return it when the job is done.

Browse through our product categories and find the right forklifts for you. We value consistency. As such, we supply the highest standard of service both in our supply of forklifts, as well as our after-sales service.

We offer repairs and maintenance whether you decide to purchase or rent. If you already own forklifts, we will still be able to provide repairs or maintenance on the units.

Regardless of what you decide to do, or which forklifts you choose, you are getting value for money. We have chosen only the best, most durable machines, as we want to improve your output as much as possible.

With a wide range of product categories to choose from, we guarantee you will find precisely what you’re looking for. Enhance your productivity today. Choose performance and accuracy.

Thank You For Choosing Johnson Taylor Forklifts

Thank you for choosing Johnson Taylor Forklifts as your supplier of top notch forklifts. We sell and rent out forklifts with the goal of improving your efficiency.

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