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Johnson Taylor Forklifts launches new Heli Rough Terrain Forklift in South Africa to great feedback

Some businesses need a far more hardy solution than most forklifts can provide. Johnson Taylor recently became the sole distributor of HELI Rough Terrain forklifts in South Africa, giving mines, construction sites and farms throughout the country access to a heavy duty forklift that can carry substantial loads over rough terrain and very uneven surfaces.

Pneumatic tyres are fitted as standard on the Rough Terrain Forklift, and these inflatable tyres have a thick tread that provides additional traction over rough or uneven terrain.

The Perfect Solution for Scrapyard Heavy Lifting

At Johnson Taylor Forklifts we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to adapt our forklift offerings to our different clients, as their needs may vary vastly. We recently delivered a new HELI 3-ton diesel Rough Terrain Forklift to United Commodity Traders for their recycling operation in Johannesburg. The need for the Rough Terrain unit arose because the ground conditions in their operation become extremely difficult to navigate when it rains. Whilst the pneumatic tyres work brilliantly on most terrains, for United Commodity Traders the problem of punctures arose from the scrap metal lying on the ground.

Johnson Taylor Forklifts came up with a solution to the puncture problem by having the pneumatic tyres filled with a solidified gel substance called “Tyrfil”.

UCT management were more than happy with the solution and promptly placed the order for the Heli Rough Terrain Forklift and have been delighted with the unit’s performance.

Ground Conditions on Farms Require Rough Terrain Capability

Come citrus season in Limpopo, the orchards are heaving with activity. The ground conditions in the citrus orchards totally mitigate the use of conventional  forklifts for this work, so ACG Fruits recently acquired two  HELI 3-ton Rough Terrain Forklifts for their farms in the Marble Hall area.

The machines are used in the orchards to load the pallet boxes of citrus onto the tractor/trailer units for transportation to the packhouse  where the fruit is processed and packed, making for a swift and efficient harvest.

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